“It is not an easy path, that of a Medium.

We are battered and bruised from many sides,

and we heap a lot of it upon ourselves

because we simply want to help people”

Janelle Campbell

“It is not an easy path, that of a Medium.

We are battered and bruised from many sides, and we heap a lot of it upon ourselves because we simply want to help people”

Janelle Campbell

Janelle is passionate about helping you find your path through the world of Spirit, Psychic Arts and Mediumship.

If you are hoping for a reading or for those wanting to explore your own abilities, Janelle offers a range of Services to support you and your journey.

Janelle Campbell Services



The Medium

If reconnecting with a Loved One in Spirit is what you are hoping for, then seeking a Medium is what you want. An Evidential Medium connects you to the Spirit world, giving survival evidence in the form of memories, personalities and events from their life, to show you they are still with you. Communication with them is possible. They know what you’re up to and what you might be thinking. They definitely delight in showing their ever loving presence.

The Psychic

If you are searching for clarity and a way forward, a psychic reading may be for you.  In brief, it opens up to your current life, how you feel and the circumstances surrounding you now and what has led you to be there.  Help, guidance and understanding is always at hand.

Public Demonstrations

Readings are offered in an audience environment.  It is provided to demonstrate the Spirit world is real. Demonstrations usually run for 90 minutes.  Not all audience members will receive a Reading but should go home feeling uplifted and in awe of what the Spirit people offer.  Survival evidence including messages of love and support.

Private Events

It is possible to book your own event.  Please contact us well in advance of a date, to discuss your needs.  Conditions and minimum numbers apply.  Limited dates available.

International Bookings

When making your enquiry, please contact us ensuring you leave your name, email, city and country of origin, so a mutually agreeable appointment can be made, given our differing time zones.

Gift Vouchers

Available upon request.

Teaching & Mentoring

For those of you wanting to develop your own abilities, Janelle is pleased to offer a range of options for you to work with her, supporting you on your journey.

Personal Mentoring

Janelle is able to offer a select number of students the opportunity to work with her directly.  You may be just starting your development or already well under way.  If you feel you would simply like to brush up on your current development or professional practices; work on specific training, then this is an ideal way in gaining that extra knowledge and edge in moving forward. Personal mentoring is conducted in person, via Skype or Zoom.

Each mentoring programme is tailored by Janelle for your individual needs.  Interview and audition apply. To find out more about the Personal Mentorship programme, your specific needs, and speak to Janelle please contact us.


Progressive Development Circle is where a small group of students come together to develop their own abilities in a safe, nurturing and fun environment. Each class is very experiential in nature using a combination of theoretical learning, philosophy and experimenting with the work at hand.   Each student is guided and encouraged by Janelle personally. You will also work with other likeminded students to enhance your abilities and learning experience. Classes are held in Sydney or via Zoom interactive webinar meetings. They are generally held once a fortnight and run on a per term basis. Students are required to commit to the whole term and conditions do apply. Please visit our events page to find Class dates, or contact us to request more information.

Seminars & Workshops

Janelle offers a range of events throughout the year including 1 and 2 day workshops; more involved 3 or 5 day events and online webinars. The event content varies depending on the topics and cater to all levels of learning from beginner workshops to more in-depth events. Please refer to our Events page for more details.

Thank you so much for your reading, Janelle.  I feel much better after having spoken with you.  It helped immensely.  


Private Client

Thank you Janelle for opening yourself up to me and sharing your beautiful insights.


California, USA

I am very grateful for my reading session with Janelle.   It helped a lot to be able to communicate with my dad and comforting.

During the session she mentioned a name which l said l could not connect. All of a sudden after the session it just clicked that the aunty, whom my mum spoke to, was that name! I don’t know why l had the mental blank…

The more l thought about what Janelle said, the more l could relate.  


Private Client

Thanks for a wonderful session. That man was my Granddad on Dad’s side. After the session I thought “my Granddad was in the armed forces I think” and Dad confirmed it. Nice to know he is there supporting me even though I never met him! And being adopted too – shows blood doesn’t count that much after all.


Private Client

… you provided so much healing and love to us yesterday, it was overwhelming.  For me, I felt the loss of my wife, last October, but wow, I found her again yesterday. I felt that loving and funny energy that I was privileged to enjoy during our life together. You and she have so much beautiful energy, how could our reading be anything but a miracle. I can now walk forward and say she is safe and free, what a lovely feeling. 

Thank you for welcoming us.  My gratitude and respect for you is enormous.  What really struck me was your desire and determination to bring through every bit of information from her that would give us healing. You really were trying so hard for us, you gave it all.  The people in the spirit world must have been cheering. 

Janelle, it was a special, special moment, thank you.  I will always remember what you did for us all. 


Family Reading Session

Thank you so much for yesterday, I had a magical, “bursting with love from the other side” experience. 


Private Client

Dear Janelle, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the information that came through for me and my family because of your connection to spirit. Thank you again I am so blessed to have met you and hope to meet again and perhaps even on Cape Cod. 


Private Client

Thank you for such a lovely reading. Your gift is remarkable and it was an honor to sit with you. 


Private Client

I was referred to Janelle by a close friend who highly recommended her. I was initially cautious, yet had a yearning to connect with loved ones I had lost. Any scepticism I may have had diminished the moment Janelle read for me. She named specific people who had passed and gave me information that only my loved ones and I were aware of. It was not only a cathartic experience for me, it gave me great solace and comfort. Janelle’s nature, her energy and the space in which we sat was so warm and open that I felt immediately comfortable and at ease. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity Janelle gave me by way of connecting to people I longed to connect with for years.I haven’t met someone quite like Janelle ever before and I don’t say that lightly (she is THAT good).


Private Client

I was fortunate enough to have met Janelle last year, 2019, and even more fortunate to have been taken under her wing in becoming a Student of her Medium / Psychic Circle Group which Janelle runs regularly though-out the year.

The Circle Group is the most amazing, wonderful safe place to learn the skills and lessons in helping you become a better Medium. Janelle has such a beautiful way of teaching her students, making the space safe, fun, and incredibly interesting. We learn a variety of techniques and philosophy, which really helps open up all of your senses and understanding.  Being able to practice on each other is really helpful to your learning.

I have been learning with Janelle for a year and can easily see the progress I have made with my clients as a Medium and Psychic.

I feel so much more confident with my own clients and am happy to be able to be of service to spirit, knowing, I am learning the correct way of connecting, which is so important.

Did I mention that Janelle does these amazing Meditations too! A great way to start the group with beautiful energy.

I highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning, listening and growing, to join any of Janelle’s Groups.




I have been a part of Janelle’s mediumship class for many years now and it has been a privilege and a pleasure learning the intricacies of mediumship from her.  I’ve really enjoyed developing my mediumship under Janelle’s beautiful teaching style.

Janelle is direct in her approach.  She is also very funny and often uses humour to put everyone at ease.  She teaches from the heart and genuinely wants all her students to do well. Janelle creates a ‘safe space’ for all of us to explore what it means to be a medium and to work with integrity.  I really love her classes.



I’ve been seeing Janelle for 2 terms. Since visiting, it’s changed how I see the world. Her complex understanding of how the spiritual world works and ability to connect with it is remarkable. Janelle has a gift of being able to teach and guide beginners (like myself) in a way that grows our confidence and connection in a welcoming and safe environment. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.



I have known and been a student of Janelle now for 3 years and the experience has been well beyond my expectations. Janelle is a no nonsense, (really wanted to say.. no bullshit) authentic, honest, sincere and completely outrageous & fun teacher / medium / person / friend. She is extremely good at what she does in her own practice and is regarded highly by some of the world’s best in her field. She is also and is a most accomplished, encouraging, inspiring and loving teacher and medium whom I would recommend to anyone. I look forward to learning and hanging out with Janelle for many more years to come.



Janelle is a wonderful teacher.

Her humour and method of presenting makes the experience less daunting and more real.

She presents a very approachable way of opening to spirit that feels accessible. I have always been aware of energy and psychic phenomena and have appreciated the ‘circle’ group led by Janelle for expanding my capacity to trust how to push my awareness further. I highly recommend her courses!

Adriana Cortazzo

Director, THE INTUITIVE Room