“We are constantly invited to be who we are.”

Henry David Thoreau

Angels and Mediums

What occurred in the miracle of childhood innocence would have a complete turnaround in my adult knowing. From within the realm of a magical and innocent creative genius, five year old me, shone a voice so loud and clear I couldn't believe I could hear such magical...

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In Truth

We all came to this life for a reason, but loss, no matter what that loss may be, can transfuse us in all-encompassing grief so great that we lose sight of life itself, often times, plunging into a chasm so deep that we could easily stay there and never come out. We...

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Christmas Spirit

Why is it that at this time of year we all find ourselves cramming a million things into such a small space of time, simply because it is Christmas?

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Animal’s In Spirit

If we believe that the bond of love never dies then surely the love we have for our beloved pets can’t die either. What happens to them when they pass from this world? Do they move into Spirit? Will we ever see them again? Are they ok? 

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