My purpose is to authentically

support and guide others to a life of

integrity, empowerment and love.

My purpose is to authentically support and guide others to a life of integrity, empowerment and love.

International Medium, Teacher, Mentor

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia,  Janelle had a typical childhood filled with sun, sand and lots of mischief along the way. However, in 2004, she was truly awoken to the Spirit world after the tragic passing of her husband. Her life would be changed forever.

Prior to this point, Janelle had always had an innate knowing that something more was within us or out there somewhere. Having grown up in a family with no persuasion whatsoever in the Psychic or Spiritual Arts, that sixth sense was never really explored but ever present.

From an early age Janelle developed a love of singing and music, which lead to university, gaining her Bachelor of Creative Arts degree and an Associate of Music Australia.  She began her career as a teacher of singing and singer herself which is something she still loves to do to this day.  It was upon this path she realised her love of learning and teaching, so it is no surprise she has continued this passion within her Spiritual studies and further teaching practices.

From the depths of grief, after the loss of her husband, something was becoming very apparent.  A light had finally switched on. A thirst for understanding, learning, growth and guidance began. Through her journey, Janelle has discovered when things are ‘meant to be’, they certainly will be.  When you are moving in the right direction, those same things happen very quickly indeed. Finally, this awakening of a realm previously not sought had come hard and fast and swallowed her whole. There was no going back.

Janelle Campbell is highly regarded in her field and

believes the ongoing development of her own talent

is vital in maintaining the integrity of her Practice.

Janelle Campbell is highly regarded in her field and believes the ongoing development of her own talent is vital in maintaining the integrity of her Practice.

Since that day, Janelle has combined her love of learning, with her awareness of the spirit world and soul, embarking on a journey of wonder, knowledge and discovery of her own.  She has crossed paths with, and learnt from, some remarkable luminaries in the Spiritual field today. After her early training in Australia, Janelle travelled to England, Europe and the United States, seeking the best of the best when it came to educating herself, truly embracing the advancement of her own abilities.

Janelle’s greatest passion and mission in life is to share those abilities with all who seek support and guidance for themselves. Her role is to educate and break down the barriers and fear of death. In honouring Soul’s, both here in the physical and those in Spirit, she shares her knowledge and teachings that Love does not die. Whether you come for a reading to connect with a loved one in Spirit or for understanding and guidance in the here and now.  Whether it be to further your own spiritual and psychic development, Janelle will demonstrate, guide and help your growth in understanding life continues and you have a unique role within it.  The advancement of Soul, of which we all are, is paramount.

Alongside her busy working schedule, in 2019, Janelle joined the teaching team for Tony Stockwell’s Australian Academy of Mediumship.  A five day seminar workshop programme held annually in Victoria, Australia.  In 2020, an invitation was extended to be a part of the line up for the inaugural, Online Mediumship Summit – A Convergence of Master Mentors, from across the world.  Janelle is also a recommended Medium practitioner by James Van Praagh.


Janelle is now a leading teacher of the Spiritual and Psychic Arts in her own right.

A true evidential Medium of international standing.