Each year, I’m lucky to be invited by several Spiritual churches to be their guest Medium.   I prepare a talk (or the Medium’s address); something uplifting and thought provoking followed by the much-anticipated demonstration, bringing loved one’s together from ‘the other side’.

We (the Medium’s) are each different in our personalities and type.  We show this through our work too and what we share with the congregation.  It is a joyous occasion where like minded people come together with open hearts and Spiritual understanding.

Not only are our loved one’s present but we are joined by other wonderful, unifying Beings of Light.  Our Guides.  They too are very much connected to us, not only in this current life but beyond all that there is.  Faithful and true, ever patient and loving, our best friend’s eternal.  How lucky are we to have them by our side through the many events, curve balls and happenings in our daily world.

The following words are a beautiful reminder of how their presence and compassion rides with us.  They know of world and personal events, feelings through turmoil and joy.  They reach with Love.  All who will listen or not, it doesn’t matter.  They are still present.

As it turns out, on this particular day, I was merely taking dictation, lol, and precisely why I am called, a Medium.  The conduit between the worlds…

Perhaps the channelled thoughts below will help in these times.

Much Love,

J xx

(this is part of my address given at one such Spiritual gathering)

Reach for anything which shows you and the world at large, through you, the Divine teachings and practices of which you are all well versed.

It doesn’t take the Medium, each week, to show those of you who know the art of Love how to be Love.  We teach and guide through You, especially in times of trouble.  So, why not start now by releasing fear; overcoming the ‘witchcraft’ of mind and set a table for God each day…

We say, “Well done”, to those who light the way forward, but within all, there is capacity for a great capitulation (turn around) and relief is on its way.

If only we could teach the practice of love more readily in times of turmoil.  You would each fair better and I am sorry for the world in its capitulation right now but here it is.  Cause and effect.  Headwinds in damage control.  This is not needed to further the truth of infinite wisdom, love or glory…

Walk forward with trust.  Endeavour to Practice the teachings of infinite, divine Love and you will reach a place of Peace and contentment within.  Within yourself and within the turmoil of the world.

I ask, how?

By practicing the Commandment of ‘Love thy neighbour as you would love yourself’. 

Now this is a particularly tricky situation as many believe Loving themselves is not possible.  How this thought and negative self dialogue can transmute into insanity is understandable,  when a world of people, practicing Love in many ways, do not Love themselves, through fear that God will smite them!

The explanation of Love can be found in many teachings across the various volumes of religious practices but we, here, in Spirit, practice in a realm of Love.  Light mitigates darkness.  Don’t forget.  We are.  You are.  Love.

Light the way forward with something more common (the ordinary things) to say to one another.  Speak with Love at the heart of conversation.  Practice Love by sowing seeds of good intent not fear based rhetoric, as we see presently.  There is indeed need for fear to subside in the world. 

To proffer Peace, we offer support but you won’t find it in the news broadcasts or common tongue of man.  Look within.  Remember what you are.  Be the person who transcends the idea that you are not worthy.  It is different from each person’s point of view, of course, and that is perfectly fine in a world of seemingly indifference to one another, however,  you see where the problem lies?  In, Indifference. 

Be committed to yourself.  In truthfulness and valour.  We will provide the vehicle to show you the way forward.  It is not discussed outside the mind but within.  You have the Power to involve yourselves in Love, each and every day.  In practice, take the burden from your shoulders.  Give thanks for the great and almighty life that you are – not have.  You Are the Light.  This is the way forward for humanity. 

Within you, speaks volumes for good and ill.  It’s your choice.  Today, we are begging the world to unite and rejoice in freedom of speech and Love.

Honour the path within, dear friends and we will shine a torch in every way.

You are a Powerful, Almighty sanction of God.  There is nothing that cannot transmute your tendencies and thoughts.  You are the change in which we require Light to be spread.  Spread it, in abundance. 

You are proud to be walking with God so trust that God will show you the way…

God walks with Love.  You are a magnificent part of god.  Love, Light, Eternal wisdom.

Be that!