We all came to this life for a reason, but loss, no matter what that loss may be, can transfuse us in all-encompassing grief so great that we lose sight of life itself,

often times, plunging into a chasm so deep that we could easily stay there and never come out. We sit. We rest. We somehow pray and trust that all will eventually be well again…

As a Medium, I know that only ‘love’ is real but there have been times, many times, in my own life that I too have been lost in a sea of trauma, anxiety, grief, guilt and fear. What a list! I’ve even wished not to remain, but remain, I must and honestly, am the better for it. Just like you!

For those of us left behind to bear the brunt (not ever dreamt of) we find it difficult to remain calm,
uplifted and focused. The beauty of who we truly are, is still there if only there was some miracle to
take the pain away.

What was that reason I came to this life and why did I actually agree to it in the first place? How can
this pain makes me a better, more loving person, when all I want to do is hate and scream?

Speaking for myself, it’s only once I’ve come through a certain amount of it, that I have indeed seen
that many miraculous transformations do come about. I’ve found it most bemusing that whilst I’m
still experiencing the trauma, little miracles arise. I’ve even stepped outside of myself whilst living it
to observe the monster, in all its inglorious captivations. So, this is what it feels like. Isn’t it
incredible that you can be both living a nightmare and discovering new, amazing aspects of your true
self? I’ve often been in awe of it. Weirdo, that I am! lol

In truth, grief somehow resides within us always yet we pull ourselves together enough to continue
on. In truth, we may feel as though we are only a shadow of our former self but also in truth, we
continue to exist and begin again, as is our right, no matter what the circumstance.

I have often sat quietly beside a beautiful Soul in Spirit whilst they offer their thoughts and thanks to
their ‘human’ before us. They want us to know that they are truly fine. More than just fine! They
live in perfect harmony surrounded by love and people they know. Their want for us is to simply
resume our life and allow for all things joy to return. I am reminded of their words as I write, “I only
died once. So why do you live as though I die every day?”

If we have to stumble a little, I think it’s only natural but remember we do spring forward eventually
bringing fresh understanding and gratitude, no matter how hard the road. In many ways, you bring
strength to me. Your experiences. Your truths, your difficulties and your hope. Your survival. We
laugh together at the silly stories and memories of a life well lived, no matter it’s length. We know
it’s hard. But in truth, your grace gives me heart and shows me, we are all indeed the same.
Complicated. Crazy. Funny. Painful. And most assuredly, Human.

Much Love, J xx

Why do you grieve? For I am with you always.

Why do you not kiss the stars, as we once did? For I gaze from the window beside you.

In truth, I bear witness to all that you do and all that you feel and touch

Though, I too, in part, am sad that we are not in form together. I miss the touch of your hand,
well loved.

But shed your tear. It’s ok. Remember the heart of laughter.

Then look upon your face of love as I do and know that I too gather

To give you thanks for all that you do in honour, kindness, and valour.  JC 


* If you are currently suffering please seek help. I have myself on a number of occasions throughout
my life for many a reason. Resources are there to be used. There are many counselling bodies to
call upon. The Australian Government offers free counselling/psychology services to those in need.
Ask your GP. Even if it’s just someone outside the family network to talk to, it can give you some
relief. Outside of Australia: Check your local authorities.

Lifeline Australia: Call 13 11 14 (They also provide Help Resources)