Why is it that at this time of year we all find ourselves cramming a million things into such a small space of time, simply because it is Christmas? So much to be done at work or school or with family that we wish we could have just a couple more weeks to get it all out of the way. For what? I don’t know. The outcome would invariably be the same. Time! What is that cosmic, energetic anomaly and where on earth, literally, does it go? The quickening of life is relentless and throughout the madness and rush of it all, it is also at this time of the year that we can often feel our most vulnerable, wishing for those things and people, we can’t physically touch anymore, to be with us. I am no different.When all should be ‘joy to the world’, I find myself a little melancholy remembering the times of Christmas’ past and the people who were so much a part of my life. I still love the Christmas Spirit and that of my family sharing a wonderful day together with all it’s offerings: too much food, a little too much champagne perhaps and much laughter; for these are the things of love and life but deep down inside we remember and bring those who are not here, even closer, silently, in our hearts. Whether this is your first Christmas without your Loved One or your twentieth, it is never easy to have that missing place at the table and it truly does stand out like the proverbial elephant in the room, no matter how many years have gone by, wouldn’t you agree?

Within every breath that we take we know that they who once loved us, love us still. We just miss them terribly, none the less. Ever present in memory, I also know that if I simply adjust my thoughts for a moment, take a deep breath and let go of all the craziness of the mind, just for a minute, I can sense their very real presence as they come close.

Your loved ones, love you and are only too eager to show you they’re still with you. So, here you go. How about you try this too? It’s not just ‘special’ for Mediums!

Sit quietly in your favourite part of the house, take a few deep relaxing breaths in and out, letting go of all the ‘stuff’ of the day. Nothing more. Gently and slowly in… Gently and slowly out… Repeat two, three or four times. Make sure you won’t be interrupted. When your mind feels still enough, on your next breaths in and out, ask one of your loved ones to come close and make their presence felt. Don’t freak out! Just relax and breath and simply allow the thoughts and feelings, perhaps a tingling or a memory may come bubbling up into your mind. Trust it. It’s their way to show you they are there. Of course, you’ll probably think it’s all rubbish. Was that them or me? I’m imagining it? But just for a moment, BELIEVE. You may be surprised. And whatever you do write down your thoughts in a journal and try it all again another day. Before too long, you’ll begin to feel differently and maybe even trust that you are indeed sensing your loved one around you. They will be there… Promise!

May the Season of Love and Joy be ever present in your Heart. Merry Christmas! J xx

Within you lies a Light more rare than any star of the universe, in all its glory, could ever show. You share your touch and Light on our behalf and we share your joy in doing so. You bring such balance and love to those around you, now bring it to yourself. It is your reward. For you have worked long and hard and we see this. Know this: You are never alone. We are ever present and we bring you such gratitude for the Soul that you are, in continuing your faith in us and by simply, Being. The truth is Love and there you are; there we all are, deeply and profoundly within it.