If we believe that the bond of love never dies then surely the love we have for our beloved pets can’t die either. What happens to them when they pass from this world? Do they move into Spirit? Will we ever see them again? Are they ok? 

The shortest answer to that is definitely, YES! What a relief to know but how do we, as Mediums, prove this to our Sitters? 

In much the same way as it is a Mediums job to provide evidence of a (human) loved one who has passed, it is also our job to do the same with pets. When I first started my development, as a student I was invited to take part in a charitable reading day put on by one of the many Spiritual Churches here in Sydney. Nervous and wondering whether I’d be up to it or not, I was tested in very many ways by Spirit and my clients alike, but amongst it all, I had my very first animal communication which was extraordinary, especially as I’d not been taught it, to date, or ever really even thought about animals in Spirit before. Spirit people were tricky enough… 

A gentleman came and sat with me to hear from his Spirit family. His mother had recently passed, six weeks prior and we sat together, all three of us. Gingerly, I provided evidence and conversation from her until I felt more at ease and confident in what I was doing and connecting with. Building the communication all the time. After a little while, I began to feel the presence of an animal, a small terrier-like dog. He had frail, spindly arthritic legs and I was quite bemused in that moment and simply told the man that a small dog was also with his mother in Spirit. He quietly nodded, yes. 

Before I’d even had a chance to think about it too much, I distinctly heard in my mind a voice speaking in first person. “Tell him I was like an old man when I died”. What? You can’t imagine my surprise. I thought, ‘great, now a bloody dog is talking to me’ but as was my practice I simply said the words which the dog had spoken, waiting for the straight jacket to be brought out. 

At that, the man burst into tears and sobbed that yes, he was old and had also passed not that long ago. This beautiful old dog then went on to share his gratitude and love for his friend, still grieving his passing. I realised in that moment so many things. Our pets go to heaven and they can communicate with us just the same. Wow! More than that, they come through with other pets and family members. They are loved and regarded highly in their place of Light. How could they not be when they afforded us so much unconditional love in their life? They certainly do have their place in the Spirit world and are very excited to be recognised. 

From that day I have had many animals come forward in readings and it still never ceases to amaze me. Animals of all kind. It’s incredible. I’ve had snakes slithering at my ankles, cantankerous old horses nudging me out of the way, dogs and cats with their varying personalities, goats butting me high on their hill top in some far away cold climate and one little tortoise, I remember, leading me around his garden, in the UK, not happy with the boy who owned him who used to tip him upside down spinning him around, “I didn’t like that” he said! Oh my goodness, boys! But there he was in animal heaven. Happy to be recognised and be transported across the ether’s of Light to say ‘hello’. 

Of course, these are only a few of the vast array of animal communications that have popped in from time to time but it does show us that they too, so deservedly, hold their place in Spirit and are loved and looked after just the same as we all are and will be again, one day. They, most certainly, continue their journey with us and lovingly wait until we will see them once more. 

Happy and grateful and still our faithful friends… How beautiful! J xx