Janelle Campbell

Psychic Medium & Mentor

“Live, Love, Laugh,

Be gentle with your Soul

and for goodness sake, Prosper.

It’s perfectly ok! "

Janelle xx

Within these pages you’ll discover more about me, my services and together, our shared passion for all things spirit and metaphysical. It’s an extraordinary exploration indeed, one in which, I truly Love!

Welcome from Janelle

I’d like to extend the warmest of welcomes to you for visiting today, where the mysteries of the spirit world and you, come to life. It’s a thrill to have you join me here. Thank you…

I am so grateful to have the ability to work alongside our wonderful spirit friends and you alike. Not only does it further my own understanding and joy of what Spirit is, but it’s especially wonderful to see the healing and comfort it affords those of us who are grieving or in need of guidance and support, in the here and now.

As a teacher, I am dedicated to helping you develop your own mediumistic and psychic abilities. I’ll help nurture you along with your own unique connection to your greatest Power: Consciousness, Soul and the Divine Source within you. You will be amazed how it’s all entangled and connected to your learning abilities as a spiritual practitioner.

I can’t wait to meet and connect with you and help you discover the magic of the Spirit world and You. Thank you so much for joining me here and welcome!

Spirit Ambassador Membership

Spirit Ambassadors International is a membership platform for those who are truly passionate about their development and finding purpose within it to become authentic spiritual ambassadors.

For those of you just starting out, wanting to discover and learn more about this fascinating topic you will be nurtured by leading teachers and luminaries in the field today.

It is for those who wish to be part of a happy network of like-minded individuals ready to explore and excel in a safe, all encompassing environment.

Classes & Mentorship programs

Joining a development class can fulfill your need for spiritual growth, self-discovery and the honing of abilities. It offers a supportive environment for expanding psychic gifts, understanding the spirit realm and learning techniques to connect with higher consciousness. Classes and mentorship provides the tools, guidance, and community necessary to develop and cultivate your unique and valuable potential.


Give you an opportunity to gain solace and comfort, clarity, guidance, and empowerment. Through her connection to Spirit and her intuitive insights and compassionate approach, Janelle's purpose is to provide you with a deeper understanding of the life beyond, that Love never dies. Readings also explore your own remarkable journey, inspiring you to embrace your innate worth and potential.


Attend an upcoming event to personally witness the profound connection between the Soul and Spirit. Janelle's diverse range of events, including demonstrations, development classes, workshops, and seminars, provide opportunities to experience the miracles of mediumship, receive messages from loved ones in Spirit and learn how to tap into your own unique abilities with her expert guidance.

Janelle Campbell

Janelle Campbell is a warm, welcoming and highly skilled International Medium, Teacher, and Mentor who has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge of the spirit world with countless others.

Janelle's greatest passion in life is to share that knowledge and insight, helping people break down the barriers and fear surrounding death. Whether you come to Janelle for a reading to connect with a loved one in spirit, or for guidance and understanding, she will demonstrate, guide, and help you grow in your knowledge that love never dies and you are far more than you believe. She is committed to helping people further their own spiritual and psychic development and to honour the soul of every person, both in the physical and in spirit.

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International Medium, Teacher and Mentor

Discover your spiritual path with Janelle, a passionate guide through the realms of Spirit, Psychic Arts, and Mediumship. Whether you seek an insightful mediumship or psychic reading, or aspire to nurture and develop your own intuitive abilities, Janelle provides a comprehensive range of Services tailored to support your personal journey.

As the CEO of 'Spirit Ambassadors International,' Janelle offers a one-of-a-kind membership program designed to elevate aspiring mediums into professional realms. Trust Janelle to illuminate your path and unlock the extraordinary potential within you. 

Let's Connect

Let's Connect

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